I felt zombie-like, practically sleepwalking through the airport.

My odyssey had three weather delays and two re-routes. I was booked on the red-eye in an hour and needed a cup of coffee—bad.

“What can I get you, sir?”

“Coffee, please.”

“Latte, Frappuccino, Expresso, Iced…”

“Just coffee.”

“Regular or decaffeinated?”

“Regular…just black.”

“Very good: ‘Lighty Brighty,’ ‘Roasty Toasty,’ or ‘Lava Java’?”

“Uh… we’re still talking coffee…right?”

“Of course sir.”

“I’ll try the Roasty Toasty. Extra large.”

“Awesome choice.”

Glancing up, I saw ‘Delayed’ pop up next to my flight.

Handing me the coffee, “That’ll be fourteen dollars, sir.”

With a disappearing smile…“Of course, it will.”